The Broad Abroad Pt. 2 – The Language House

“Why was she going to Prague?” her reader wonders aloud.

To make sense of the situation, let me rewind to about this same time last summer. I spent close to a year and a half working for a Fashion PR company in West Hollywood, CA as the team’s Development Coordinator. It was my duty to create press releases for our 20+ client brands and blast off to all sorts of industry representatives. We collaborated with designers and brand reps to coordinate gifting for VIP and celebrity talent. I worked under my manager to create strategic gifting placements and ran office deliveries. I also assisted in management of all facets of social media. All in all, it was a great first job, with even better people. As the months went on, my feet began to itch and I began scheming different ways to get out of the country.  I decided that Teaching English as a Foreign Language was my best, and safest, option.

I did a general search, read some blogs, and stumbled on The Language House in Prague. I jumped through the company hoops just to feel it out, baby steps here and baby steps there – without making any real commitments. Next thing I know, I’m chugging wine and putting down a deposit. I told my job shortly after that I would be done at the end of summer. I spent the next few months planning, arranging storage, and pretending to study English.

In September 2014 I made my final travel arrangements and moved to the Czech Republic. It could be said that I should have done a bit more research, with such a big move and all, but apparently I just got lucky. The TEFL course took up most of September, it gave me all the skills necessary to teach English and also refreshed my memory on all things English language. Upon arriving to Prague, The Language House sets up housing with other students for the month. They did a great job of really helping us integrate into the new country, from a city tour, to a crash course in the Czech language, they really set us up for success in our new home. It should also be noted that they do a wonderful job of building a community around their new students, within the first week I had many new friends who were currently in the course, as well as previous graduates of the program!

I could go on and on about this course as it was easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. If anyone happens across this post and would like any more information, please don’t hesitate to email me at I’d be happy to give a more in depth review and answer any questions!

Below are some photos of my favorite TEFL Language House memories.

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