The Broad Abroad Pt. 3 – Oktoberfest

I’m on a roll today, making up for ten months (or, a life?) of lost time. So, Oktoberfest 2014.

The Language House (TLH) came to a close days before the final weekend of Oktoberfest, how incredibly convenient. We booked our travels late in the game, but I was lucky to have friends already in Munich. We piggy backed on their plans and were fortunate enough to share their hotel room. After the final TLH exam we hopped on a Bavaria-bound train. After hours of riding through Czech Republic and German countrysides, slugging bier, and belting out songs with new friends from Israel, we arrived at München Hauptbahnhof (Munich Main Train Station).  Because it was already late on Thursday night we were greeted with hoards of drunk, dirndl and lederhosen-clad Germans fisting pretzels into their mouths, bellowing Ein Prosit (I salute you), and attempting to make their way home for the night. I wouldn’t expect to arrive any other way.

Upon arriving at the hotel I found a note and a bottle of vodka demanding that we catch up and meet my friends at a bar in the area. We wouldn’t want to upset our friends, now would we? We followed their instructions and kicked off Oktoberfest the right way.

After having experienced Munich’s Starkbierfest, or Strong Beer Festival, in February of 2012, I was well equipped for another Bavarian experience with my pink and green dirndl.


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