Iceland Tips

Tips for Iceland adventure seekers:

-Go to the Blue Lagoon and book your time in advance. Even though we visited in November, we were lucky to get a time slot. I was told that it is “touristy” and perhaps not worth the trip. I am here to confirm that it is absolutely worth the time and money. Photo below – need I say more?

-You do not need a car in Reykjavik. It was an absolute pain to find parking. Stay near Laugavegur street and (most) everything will be within walking distance.

-You do need a rental car to explore the country. We did the Golden Circle tour with a guide because we wanted to learn about what we were seeing. Beyond that I recommend getting your own car to move yourself around the island. On this trip we only went South to Vík, but having a car made everything more accessible. We were on our own clock and could move about as we pleased. It also gave us the opportunity to chase the Northern Lights. I used this website to gauge where there might be a gap in cloud coverage.-

That being said, do take a phone charger for said rental car.

Below: photos to inspire your next vacation.

Rye bread with mashed fish and smoked trout, smoked lamb, dried fish with butter and a taste of fermented shark – yum!
Dr. Martens were a staple in my vacation wardrobe

-Kex Hostel. Stay there. We were on a family adventure so we took the hotel route. We did spend an evening enjoying beers and live music at Kex though, and I made a mental note to remember the place for my highly-probable solo adventure to Iceland.