loafing around

Nothing beats a worn-in pair of mom jeans. In actuality though, these were my aunt’s ill-fitting denim from the 80’s which I came across while rooting through old boxes of “stuff” at my parent’s house. I’ve paired them with the most basic, but most comfortable of bodysuits from Free People and burgundy flatform loafers. Turquoise wall compliments of DT Meridian, MS.

Oh, hi Baltimore!

Last weekend I lucked out with a 33 hour layover in the nation’s capital, conveniently located near my brother’s new home in Baltimore, Maryland.

He took me all over the Mt. Vernon area near downtown. Having never been before I was pleasantly surprised by all the local flavor. We kicked off our day at Dooby’s and indulged in some coffee and delectable spicy breakfast sandwiches.

We explored the Peabody Library, Walters Art Museum, Washington Monument and the Baltimore Basilica. We dined at the Mt Vernon Marketplace where there are a number of different vendors and eateries.

We ended our day at a rock climbing gym where I became familiar with my new favorite activity.

I was also thrilled to see so much great street art!

The Peach State

Georgia! Living in the Florida panhandle and Mississippi has broadened my horizons and introduced me to true Southern charm as well as a number of unfamiliar cities…. like, Atlanta!

Last year and toured everything from the Atlanta History Center to the World of Coke(a-Cola), the CNN center, CDC Museum and the Georgia Aquarium. What an entertaining city full of character – a definite must visit.

I went back a couple weekends ago to meet up with some college friends. This trip was less touristy and more boozy. We ate and drank our way through Atlanta and Savannah with #NoRagrets. A few top recommendations below:


Eight Sushi Lounge – most delightful, melt in your mouth type suchee

Ormsby’s – bocce while you booze!

Georgia Beer Garden

Ponce City Market = The Mercury for a drink and Ton Ton Ramen


We brunched hard at The Collin’s Quarter. I am also convinced that I had my first experience with the supernatural. While we chatted and sipped our lavender mimosas(which I’m pretty sure our server made up on the spot), my drink slid about five inches across the table. Now, I know what you’re thinking.. “condensation.” This was not the case, the table was completely dry and said drink was in a flute with the liquid far from the base……

Treylor Park

Congress Street Social Club

A successful reunion trip to be certain.