Last month I spent time in South Florida. I visited my brother in Delray Beach, had an interview in Fort Lauderdale, and visited an old friend in Miami.

First off, I accepted the job and will be relocating soon…. TBA

Secondly, Miami is awesome. I spent my short time in the city soaking up the awesomeness of the Wynwood Art District. Highly recommended for those interested in street art.

It was nice to visit an old friend. He was a foreign exchange student with family my senior year of high school. His sister is studying photography and took the below photos of me.IMG_1402 IMG_1419 IMG_1422 IMG_1427 IMG_1429 IMG_1440 IMG_1449 IMG_1462 IMG_1464 IMG_1465 IMG_1468 IMG_1469 IMG_1471


Bandana Bandwagon

A couple weeks ago I posted a photo wearing a necktie I had thrifted in Milton, Florida. Weeks prior to the post I had rekindled my love for the necktie trend and realized I needed one stat.IMG_2261

Last week I was picking up some last minute 4th of July details and came across this basic purple bandana for only $1 at Wal-Mart. They have tons of colors to choose from, fyi.

IMG_2587Recently I’ve been noticing a bunch of bloggers I follow have also caught the bandana bug. Current favorite trend that I can’t wait to take advantage of. You’ll most certainly be seeing more of this.bandana1 bandana3 bandana2


Heather Bode Photography

Not long ago I met someone on Craigslist. The job market in the Milton and Pensacola area is sparse, causing me to resort to any means necessary in terms of job searching. I came across a photographer “seeking a ‘model’ for some creative shoot” he or she was hoping to do.

Being Craigslist, I was well aware that this could easily be code for: “I’m a skeezy ‘photographer’ seeking nude model that I will likely abduct, cut into bits, burn and bury.” So naturally, I sent an inquiry. (Just kidding, Mom!)

But really, I did send an email, only because the post was created very carefully, it had a great tone, correct grammar usage, and everything was spelled properly- Hard to come by in the world of Craigslist.

I got a quick reply laying out the info and what they were looking for. We set a date to get coffee at the local Starbucks. Mid-day, busy place, should be safe.

To wrap things up, she was sweet, her name is Heather, she is a wonderful photographer interested in fashion and creative shooting and just needed someone to work with! Voila! How convenient, a blogger in need of quality photos, also seeking someone to work with.

We made plans and had our first photo shoot just about a week ago.

Check out Heather’s website here and her blog here.

Wearing: drop-crotch, wrap pant from Asos |Asymmetrical tank by TopShop (old) |DVF scarf from Scout Boutique on Palafox | Rebecca Minkoff sandals245A2212 245A2866 HeatherBode1 245A2702

Dear Milton, Florida,

I would like to take the time to commend you on some newly discovered hidden gems scattered throughout your “seemingly” boring boundaries.  I have been pleasantly surprised on multiple occasions over the last few days, as I have stumbled upon various restaurants, cafes and antique shops. I must admit, upon moving to your township two months ago, I was slightly hesitant to leave the comfortable confines of your more attractive, popular, big sister Pensacola, but hereby declare that I have been sorely mistaken. New, self-gathered evidence points that Milton truly is a quaint, entertaining town all on it’s own. That is, if you’re willing to give it a chance.

Well done, Milton. I applaud you and look forward to future discoveries.

With newfound respect,



Alright guys, it’s true – there really are places worth visiting in Milton! I am finding that I am really starting to enjoy myself here. From Bands on the Blackwater activities each Friday evening, to the quaint little thrift shops and antique stores, I’ve certainly been finding a lot to enjoy.

I’ve recently learned that Historic Milton is having some trouble thwarting plans of an intrusive four-lane highway. The highway proposal could potentially destroy old buildings in its charming district as well as redirect any prospective tourism straight out of the pleasant little downtown.

“Saving downtown does not just mean saving our past, it means investing in the brightest future for our beloved little city.”

In honor of small towns everywhere, let’s hop on board and help give Milton a chance to prove itself. For more information read and sign the petition here to help fight for preservation of Milton, Florida’s Historic District.

OR if you live in the area, stop by Old Post Office Antiques. Sign in person and enjoy one of the lovely buildings that could potentially be harmed by the lane add-ons. They also have the most delicious lunch cafe with the sweetest staff.

Wearing: Rag and Bone denim, thrifted neck tie ($1 downtown Milton!), Mango gladiators here (40% off!)

IMG_2298 IMG_2300 IMG_2302IMG_2289 IMG_2304IMG_2315 IMG_2343


Fringe The Right Way

The thing about living in Milton, Florida is, there aren’t many places nearby to get a good photo backdrop. Our house will do for now.

Lazy Monday working from home calls for a casual, easy look. Wearing one of my favorite old kimono style tops from Phraseology LA. Based out of Los Angeles, founded by couple, Josh and Amber, they have some incredibly stylish, printed pieces. As a bonus, 10% of each purchase goes toward saving wildlife. Check out their store here and their story here. Denim by Rag & Bone from Scout in Pensacola!

I love the deep-V, fringe look. Perfect neckline for stacking some necklaces or sporting a body chain. 
IMG_1894 IMG_1897 IMG_1899 IMG_1958

Fort Pickens, FL

Over the last few years I’ve always made an effort to explore and get to know each unique place I have lived. Today my friend Brittany and I ventured out to historical Fort Pickens. Built in the 1830’s its purpose was to protect and defend the township of Pensacola.

Now the site is merely ruins; full of tunnels and damp, brick hallways dripping with stalactites and mold. A visitor can spend hours wandering through the crumbling hallways and rooms of the old fort. Quite a unique experience.

Brittany is a new friend and great photographer! She was teaching me the basics for a good shot on my new Canon Rebel SL1. 

Wearing: Free People shorts, similar ones here | Top from Pure Pilates in Pensacola | Georgina Sandal sold here or at Scout Boutique, also in Pensacola.

IMG_1807 IMG_1809 IMG_1811 IMG_1813 IMG_1816 IMG_1817 IMG_1821 IMG_1823 IMG_1825 IMG_1828 IMG_1830 IMG_1833 IMG_1835 IMG_1842 IMG_1863